Slideshow: Back to Vietnam 1970/2013 & Responses

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Here is what people who have seen it say:

It took me back to the days we made a difference. It was really interesting to see what is happening now and how grateful the Vietnamese were.
– Jane Brunner

This was really a special evening. Thank you for it, and for all the life-work that brought you to Vietnam in 2013.
– Barbara Haber

Thanks so much for the opportunity to see your photo essay and hear your comments/stories. Amazing how things change (or don’t) as time passes. Lots to think about!
– Helen

Thanks so much for a fascinating and affirming evening. I’d be interested to hear (or read) the tale sometime of how the 1970 trip came to happen in the first place and what you came away from with it back then.
– Tom Lent

It was a provocative presentation, and a little painful as when the memories of that time come back, they still turn out to be somewhat raw. And if everything did not turn out in Vietnam as we had imagined when we were young, things often don’t. But as Judy said, at least the Vietnamese got to choose their direction, the American aggression was an abomination, and we can all be proud that we worked so hard to end that war.
– Wendel Brunner