Join the Million Yippie March!

Join the Million Yippie March!
Come to New York and Protest at the Republican Convention!
August 30 to September 2, 2004

The Republicans are bringing their Coronation of the Emperor to New York City. Like Vampires they want to drink up whatever soul the city has left and sell 9/11 and the war on terror, as their private pocket of power. Four more bloody Bush years!

Maybe Bush will accept the Republican nomination at Ground Zero? Maybe Giuliani will proffer the honor? The tragedy of 9/11 continuing in Afghanistan and Iraq and in our human and civil rights is red raw Republican meat.

Do they know that there will be enormous demonstrations against the Naked Emperor? Sure they do. They want them. And they want to crush them. The protesters will become substitutes for authentic uncaptured terrible terrorists. And the Republicans will show by their immense and limitless cruelty, that they not only take care of business on Wall Street.

They want us to come. And we must oblige. But in the time we have before the Republican Convention we must develop tactics that will leave them in the dust of their own mediocre confusion. We must resuscitate the great laughing spirit of Yippie.

Intense harsh but shockingly clever and hilarious protest against the Emperor Bush that will make America laugh at him and see him in an unprogrammed state of his actual evil. Attack us then, you humorless Elephants of the GOP. And America will see you and him, in the unforgiving light of harsh truth. New York needs a cosmic joke. So does America. So let’s start asking just what trick the Yippies have up their sleeves.