David Dobkin 1939-2014

In Memoriam:
David Dobkin

Three years ago, on an anniversary of Stew’s death and David’s birthday, Elizbabeth “Bets” Benford and her partner Mike Pincus wrote this poem.

Vas machts du Stew?
And David, nu?
We gather to remember you.
Veterans of Woodstock Nation
Survivors despite our alienation
Come now and join our celebration.
A day of passing, a day of birth
There’ll be some tears
We’ll share some mirth
Of stories, there will be no dirth.

January 30, 2015

The Fuggit List (2013)

by Elizabeth (Bets) Benford

Bets Benford, retired lawyer, writer and second-wave feminist, came to San Francisco in 1967 and stayed. She learned the vicissitudes of partnered life and wrote The Fuggit List in a Scheherezade-like attempt to keep Judy’s husband, David, alive and amused. Download .pdf here.